What's new in Growth Chart?


Clinical Features

  • Introduced Weight for Length chart
  • Introduced Down Syndrome chart
  • Introduced SGA and LGA banners based on Fenton chart calculation:
    • Small for Gestational Age (SGA; below 10th percentile)
    • Large for Gestational Age (LGA; above 90th percentile)
  • Added handling of unexpected/out of range data
    • Data points that are much lower or much higher than the currently selected growth chart will be marked as unexpected values and will not scale the growth charts
    • Behavior of unexpected data points can be configured in the Growth Chart settings
  • Enhanced gestational correction with an option to switch the places of actual data points with the gestationally corrected
  • BMI measurements enhanced with calculated BMI based on Length/Stature and Weight measurements
  • Parental view weight graphics can be disabled
  • Parental view has capabilities to manually enter the parent's height
  • Introduced support for intent parameters for picking the primary and secondary chart

Usability and Technology

  • Updated look and feel of the application to use a modern and more user friendly Material Design paradigm
  • Updated graphs engine with React + native browser SVG to greatly increase graphical performance of the app
  • Application has better responsiveness to support tablets and personal computer displays
  • Touchscreen friendly interface
  • Substantially simplified the application settings
  • Updated Table view to list data items vertically
  • Combined the all controls into a common location
  • Introduced new printing system where the user can:
    • Print one or more of the app pages
    • Order how the pages will be printed
    • Printing popup embedded in app to increase compatibility with EHR systems
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